Beowulf writing activities

Provenance of Beowulf ms. The author of Beowulf is unknown, as is the exact date of the composition of the poem. In its present form, Beowulf was possibly composed as early as the seventh century or as late as

Beowulf writing activities

At the bell, I briefly explain each station, although I have put directions at each station.

Twelfth grade Lesson "Beowulf" Station Rotation: An Epic Activity

Blood Feuds in Beowulf and Beyond: I tell students that they will explore the top 15 blood feuds in our nation's history and draw parallels to Beowulf. Students read lines from the epic and create a T chart that identifies the diction referring to pagan ideas on one side and those referring to Christian ideas on the other.

This is a Newsweek article excerpt that lists some legacies from British Imperialism. Students discuss and respond to the question the article poses in a short paragraph. The Case of the First Three Lines: Students determine which translation they prefer and explain why.

Additionally, they compare and contrast the various ways three translators translate various phrasing from the epic.

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Students complete graphic organizers for each of the activities. On one side of the paper is Old English, but before looking on the back for the English equivalent, students "translate" the Old English based on their "educated guesses"!

That is the Question: This is a grammar exercise not directly connected to Beowulf, but it is important that students understand grammar for both reading and writing purposes.

Students review alliteration by identifying alliteration in W. Auden's poem "The Age of Anxiety. From the Purdue Online Writing Laboratory, students read about appositives and appositive phrases and complete a short exercise. The exercise is important to Beowulf because the epic is written in appositional style, meaning it is full of appositives and appositive phrases.

Good Night, Brave Beowulf: Eulogizing a Fallen Hero: It's only fitting that we end our journey through the stations with the final tribute to Beowulf as students learn about the eulogy, lamenting, and elegies.

beowulf writing activities

The automatic slide presentation here shows both students working together and some of their work during the activity: Following this section is a detailed section about each of the stops listed above.

Within each section teachers will find" A detailed explanation of each stop. Resources for each stop. Student examples and and images. This is a very flexible lesson!

beowulf writing activities

Because the document is long, I made only one copy for students to share, which worked just fine. I did make enough copies of the instructions for students to each have a copy when the station was full. Pagan 12 minutes I have used the Christian vs.

Pagan activity as a stand-alone lesson. This time I included it in the station rotation and advised students that the concept would be on the traditional assessment. Beowulf Christian or Pagan. Pagan Students Discussing Christian vs. Did Britain Wreck the World.Ah"Beowulf", we studied it in college.

It was an interesting story, but it was presented very dryly by our professor. She was a nice lady, but all the info was way OVER our heads. Beowulf Pre-Reading Activities Day 1 Directions: For each task below, write bullets on both sides of the chart, even if you clearly agree with one side.

After writing your overall opinion, highlight the strongest pieces of evidence from the chart (bullet points) that support your opinion. 1.

Teacher to Teacher: Lesson Overview and Context

c) Learning Contract as Anchor (Sponge) Activity Let the readings begin! Teacher uses translation of Beowulf, geared to younger readers: Beowulf by Kenvin . Media and Downloads. Receive updates from Michael Morpurgo Sign up now! In the first week, pupils will engage imaginatively with the story of Beowulf through drama, discussion and a series of creative activities based on the text.

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They will become familiar with the structure of the story and the literary conventions of hero myths. Writing; English as a Second Language ESL () Health and Medicine () Life Skills () Math () You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Beowulf questions!

Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question.

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