Best movie clips for business presentations

Everett Collection Hollywood, as a general rule, doesn't seem to care much for salespeople. Here are five memorable scenes, along with my explanation why they're useful:

Best movie clips for business presentations

Using eye contact effectively Speaker: Sheri Jeavons from Power Presentations Length: This video shows how eye contact can help you as a speaker to: Gather your thoughts 2. Remember what to say This video also has an example of a speaker who does this wrongly and then a recording with the fault corrected.

This is great for showcasing good eye contact in the classroom without picking on any of the participants specifically. This is another useful and practical video from Sheri Jevons with before and after examples from a participant implementing better voice variety and intonation.

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This is a great example how vocal energy can add excitement and enthusiasm to the presentation. He present data with such enthusiasm that audience get carried along in this excitement. This video can be used to show presenters how even the dullest topic can be enlivened with passion and enthusiasm.

It is also a really popular video online with over 3,58, views. You may choose to show only part of the video as a 20 minute video is too long to highlight this one point. How to open a presentation Speaker: He talks about the STAR method of opening with examples of how a good opening can be made.

He runs through each step of the process clearly and this process is especially useful for speakers creating persuasive or sales presentations.

You can follow this video with a practice session of opening presentations strongly. Carl Kwan from Presentation Expressions Length: Engaging through Story telling Speaker: Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design Length: She talks about how a report format is one extreme and a story format is another end of a continuum in presenting.

A good presentation needs to strike a balance between just providing information like a report and great drama in a story. She provides a framework for storytelling and how it can be incorporated into a presentation structure.

This video provides a great start if you plan to introduce story telling as a presentation format in your training.The Best Boardroom and Meeting Scenes in Movies by Alexandrea Roman on February 20, and last updated on July 19, The film awards season in is about to wrap up this weekend with the biggest awards show of them all — the Oscars.

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best movie clips for business presentations

A guide to displaying information in public environments. Contents Digital signage for education, business, retail and public areas. Dec 30,  · I recently had the honor of judging the World’s Best Presentation Contest for a very popular site called Slideshare.

Judges included entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, digital marketing expert David Armano, along with social media experts Beth Kanter and Jane Hart. Download free video clips for PowerPoint presentations and learn how to make your own video clips for Microsoft PowerPoint or add multimedia content to your presentations.

Additionally you can learn what are the best sources to get premium video clips and moving .

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These video clips are linked to the content in YouTube; they are not hosted on Businessballs. The availability of the clips on this webpage therefore relies on the material remaining on YouTube. Send your own suggestions of video clips for teaching and training.

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