Business plan cover page confidentiality statement for fax

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Business plan cover page confidentiality statement for fax

Secure Fax Secure Fax by Innoport Secure fax service from Innoport helps to preserve confidentiality of fax documents and gives clients, customers, patients, health care professionals or anyone else faxing you the peace of mind they deserve. Innoport offers several options for secure online internet faxing of sensitive data and confidential documents: Delivery of password protected fax using bit PDF encryption.

Administer, retrieve and send faxes from our secure website at https: Use our robust and secure API to send out faxes from your web and stand alone applications.

Encrypted Fax Innoport's fax to email service already eliminates mishandling of faxes off shared fax machines through delivery to private email addresses.

business plan cover page confidentiality statement for fax

With the advantage of PDF fax encryption, you receive an added layer of security by password-protecting fax documents. Encrypted faxes may only be viewed by supplying the proper password. You have full control on creating and changing the password at anytime for the encrypted faxes arriving to your account.

Click here to learn more about receiving faxes with our fax encryption service. Send and Receive Faxes from our Secure Website Faxes can also be downloaded directly from your Innoport account online.

Notification options are available so that you can receive text message alerts to your email, cell phone, or other wireless device each time a new fax is received. We employ SSL secure sockets layer to protect our website.

business plan cover page confidentiality statement for fax

For secure fax sending, Innoport offers a web based fax service for uploading the files and confirming a preview prior to faxing through our secure website. Click here to learn more about our fax sending services. Click here to learn more about our fax API. Whether you deal with sensitive financial data, patient health information, judicial papers or other privileged information, our secure fax services enable secure fax transmissions for maximum protection.

Customers using the Innoport service for transmission of any Protected Health Information under the U. As listed on this page, Innoport offers several options for secure fax services. Sign up for Innoport today and secure your fax communications.Restaurant Business Plan (Company Name) (Company Name) (Street Address) (City, State Zip Code) Achieve Cover ratios of X at each lunch and dinner serving.

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