Computational fluid dynamics phd thesis

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Computational fluid dynamics phd thesis

PhD thesis, University of Nottingham. Preview Download 15MB Preview Abstract Within the oil industry there is a need to measure and predict the form of the multiphase liquid and gas flows that are present within oil production and processing pipelines.

Knowledge of the flow regimes present allows the engineer to optimise the configuration of the pipeline and downstream processes to achieve the most, economic and reliable design.

The applications of these technologies are collectively known as flow assurance. Within oil production systems, one component which has received little attention is the characterisation of the multiphase flow around bends under various process conditions.

To predict the flow regimes in greater details requires the development of instrumentation that can measure and characterise the flow within the pipes. To circumvent this challenge, two experimental investigations were carried out in two rigs available in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratories at the University of Nottingham.

The first two provide time and cross-sectionally resolved data on void fraction. The ECT probes were mounted 10 diameters upstream of the bend whilst the WMS was positioned either immediately upstream or immediately downstream of the bend.

Computational fluid dynamics phd thesis

The downstream pipe was maintained horizontal whilst the upstream pipe was mounted either vertically or horizontally. The superficial velocities of the air ranged from 0. The former was measured using the ring conductance probes placed 17 and 21 diameters, respectively upstream and downstream of the bend, 45o, 90o and o within the bend.

The latter were obtained using pin and parallel wire probes. The pin probes were used for thin films measurement whilst the parallel wire probes for thick films. The superficial velocities of the air ranged from 3. Bubble, stratified wavy, slug, semi-annular and annular flows are seen after the bend for the vertical 90o bend, the flow patterns remained the same as before the horizontal 90o bend.

These results were confirmed by the high-speed videos taken around the bend. For the vertical o return bend, the average film fraction was identified to be higher in straight pipes than in bends.

Computational fluid dynamics phd thesis

For low liquid and higher gas flow rates, due to the action of gravity drainage, film breakdown occurs at the 45o bend. A previously proposed criterion, to determine stratification after the 90o bend, based on a modified Froude number have been shown to be valid for a liquid different from that tested in the original paper.

Similarly, for the o return bend, the condition for which the liquid goes either to the inside or outside of the bend are identified based on published material. Variations between average liquid film thickness and bend angles are reported for the vertical o bend.

Contrary to the conclusions reached by Hills and Anderson and Hillsthe liquid film thickness becomes annular flow in the o bend at low liquid flow rates and stratified flow at higher liquid superficial velocities.May 05,  · Making a career in Computational Fluid Dynamics defending your dissertation, without having interest in the research.

If your aim is to be a teacher, I don't think doing a PhD is the way to go (in CFD anyway).

Computational fluid dynamics phd thesis

you're going to have to choose one specific area. It is difficult to imagine a Ph.D topic focusing in general Fluid Dynamics. As a first step towards this goal, this thesis focuses on the development and validation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods to analyze airfoils with modern trailing edges.

In this work, ANSYS Fluent was used to model a series of airfoils with modern trailing edges, and the results were compared with published experimental data.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Phd Thesis

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Steam Reforming and Autothermal Reforming for Fuel Cell Applications A thesis presented to the faculty of. 27)“Fluid Dynamics of Glottal Flow,” Bogdan-Radu Kucinschi,, PhD Dissertation, co-advisor, ().

28)“Towards Computational Aeroacoustics Prediction of Realistic Turbofan Broadband Noise Using. Limit your results Use the links below to filter your search results.

Click a category and then select a filter for your results. This multidisciplinary PhD program is intended for students wishing to develop their knowledge in the field of Computational Engineering with applications in Solid Mechanics, Structures, Fluid Mechanics, Aerospace, Biomedical, Physics, Applied Mathematics, or other related fields.

Phd dissertation computational fluid dynamics