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This was achieved on November 6, with women participating and holding the abdominal plank for 60 seconds at Reliance Jio Park, BKC. Launched internationally in September, the campaign aims to inspire confidence in women across the globe to do what they want to do.

Conference and banqueting sunny p1

Welsh tower houses, rectangular structures, consisting of two or more storeys, are closely related to those in Ireland and Scotland.

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In Hilling produced a map with listing showing 17 examples. The East Gate appears to have been a tower house, which had an entrance made through the vaulted undercroft, probably in the 17th century.

An extra storey was added to the tower in — when Sir Robert Smirke re-fenestrated the castle and added Gothic Revival battlements. Many of the English tower houses, such as Tattershall Castle or Buckden Palace are slightly later and larger than the Welsh examples, and built of brick.

Pentre Ifan Barn, Nevern Eastington, Pembrokeshire Apart from tower houses there are a number of stone-built first floor hall buildings, where the hall is mounted over an undercroft.

Most examples are found in southern Wales with a cluster of buildings in Pembrokeshire. The distribution of Tower and other houses in Wales with vaulted ceilings have been mapped and listed by Peter Smith.

Conference and banqueting sunny p1

In some cases the hall is accessed by an outer stair, as is the case at Pentre Ifan Barn at Nevern in Pembrokeshire. There is a further complex of Medieval stone houses at East Orchard, St Athanin Glamorgan which belonged to the de Berkerolles family in the 14th century.

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The group of buildings includes a first floor hall house with outside chimney, which also had a separate kitchen block. Some of these such as Chirk Castle and Powis Castle have remained as houses, but others such as Raglan Castle in Monmouthshire and Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire are ruins which can provide some idea of their grandeur.

At Carew Sir Rhys ap Thomas from about onwards undertook a grand re-modelling including an almost entire re-fenestration with straight headed windows. This was continued after by Sir John Perrot who replaced the north range with a splendid frontage with a long gallery at the second floor level in the fashion of Robert Smythson.

The earliest building is the freestanding hexagonal great tower, which is surrounded by a moat. It was probably built by Sir William ap Thomas before It would have served the function of a strongly defended tower house. This was followed in —69 by the enlargement of the castle by Sir William Herbert with a gatehouse to the NE and to the SW a range of sumptuously decorated state apartments.

Further apartment ranges were built round the SW court. The two sets of apartments were approached by an impressive main staircase. From about to these buildings were extended, by William Somerset, 3rd Earl of Worcesterparticularly around the Pitched Stone Court and also with the long-gallery with its elaborately decorated Renaissance fireplaces.

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The slighting of the castle in the English Civil War and its subsequent partial demolition make it hard to appreciate Raglan as one of the major domestic buildings of Wales. It was here that William Herbert settled his step brother Roger Vaughan who built a house, which was to develop round a courtyard and continued being added to until the 17th century.

Recently the arched braced truss roof of the great hall has been dated by Dendrochronology to c. They may not be certainly associated with these historic figures, but they are important as evidence for early stone buildings in Wales.The Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum were delighted to be able to welcome visitors from the Rotary Club of Büren an der Aare, Switzerland, to their most recent meeting.

The Rotary Club of Büren an der Aare, in the Canton of Bern, is a club with which Oldmeldrum has had many links in previous years, and which has seen many deep-lasting friendships. It also has a total of 12 event rooms accommodating up to delegates making this one of Scotland’s foremost conference or wedding venues.

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Conference Theme: “The Sunny Side of Mapping” To ensure your comfort, it is recommended that you bring a sweater or jacket to conference sessions. The Annual Banquet (held Thursday evening at 7 pm) is a formal business dress event.

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Sole Escape: A Stormy Escape from the Metropolis to Cagbalete Island, Quezon