Jose armando sanchez dissertation

Donald Waldman Abstract Mexico has many major problems such as: Regarding pollution, politicians have established some programs trying to improve air quality in Mexico. But they do not know if Mexicans care about air pollution or they prefer that government faces other problems. Chapter one answers this question and in fact, I conclude that Mexicans do care about air pollution and they agree to pay to reduce it.

Jose armando sanchez dissertation

And you said an address in Santa Ana, didn't you? But you didn't tell him that you had just been with Mr. Jose Angel Ortega a half-a short time before you Jose armando sanchez dissertation arrested; you didn't tell him that, did you?

Because he told me to be quiet. Now, you also told Agent Murray, didn't you, that you had left Santa Ana and had come to Tijuana to see a friend or have some fun, didn't you? He didn't understand me. I told him with a friend.

So you had time to tell him you had come with a friend, didn't you? You had an opportunity to tell him that, didn't you?

Jose armando sanchez dissertation

Because he asked me. During the entire time that you were being questioned by the agent, you never told them sic that you could lead them to Jose Angel Ortega right then, did you? No, because he asked me, "Who is the owner of the car," and I told him. And you didn't tell him where he was right at that minute, did you?

I told him where he lived. And you didn't tell him where he was right then, did you?

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You didn't tell him that he was in a bar in Tijuana right then, did you? It's that he didn't let me speak. He told me, "You have the right to remain silent and be quiet. In these cases, the defendants had elected to remain silent and said nothing to the officers who attempted to interrogate them.

The Court noted that " s ilence in the wake of these warnings may be nothing more than the arrestee's exercise of these Miranda rights. He waived his right to remain silent and responded to the agent's questions.

In such a situation, we believe the controlling authority to be Anderson v. Such questioning makes no unfair use of silence, because a defendant who voluntarily speaks after receiving Miranda warnings has not been induced to remain silent.

As to the subject matter of his statements, the defendant has not remained silent at all. The prosecutor several times asked the defendant why he did not reveal to the police the version of events to which he testified at trial. The questions, taken as a whole, did not focus on the defendant's exercise of the right to remain silent, but instead focused on why he had failed to tell the police he took the victim's car from a parking lot, as he testified at trial, rather than from the street as he stated upon his arrest.

Each of two inconsistent descriptions of events may be said to involve 'silence' insofar as it omits facts included in the other version. But Doyle does not require any such formalistic understanding of silence The jury must determine whether to believe the version of events to which the defendant testifies at trial or the version he revealed to the police when arrested.

In such a situation, the jury is entitled to all the relevant evidence bearing on credibility. The prosecutor, to provide this evidence, may probe all post-arrest statements and the surrounding circumstances under which they were made, including defendant's failure to provide critical details.

When he was arrested he claimed that he had borrowed the car from a friend who lived in Santa Ana, that he had driven to Tijuana to visit a friend, and that he was returning. At trial, he asserted that he had hesitatingly accompanied two specific acquaintances to a bar in Tijuana and had assumed control of the car only a short time before.

Several other portions of his trial testimony arguably are inconsistent with his post-arrest statements, but they need not be described in detail. It is sufficient if the statements, taken as a whole, reveal an inconsistency.

The questioning clearly related specifically to details that defendant offered at trial but failed to reveal at the time of his arrest. As in Charles, the questions, by focusing on agent Murray's testimony, resolved any potential ambiguity. Our resolution of his contention regarding the cross-examination also precludes defendant's success on his other claims.

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Watch video · Did you know? Turn on looping for your embedded video so it will play over and over and over and over and over and you get the idea. Mexico has many major problems such as: corruption, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, pollution, etc.

Regarding pollution, politicians have established some programs trying to improve air quality in Mexico. But they do not know if Mexicans care about air pollution or they prefer that government faces other problems.

Chapter one answers this question and in fact, I conclude that Mexicans do.

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