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Why has the Eritrean problem persisted for so long and is still ongoing? Why were the parties to the conflict unable to resolve it in a civil and peaceable manner to date? Have successive generations in Ethiopia-Eritrea learned the correct lessons from the etiology and history of the problem so as not to be doomed to repeat the errors of prior generations?

What is the extent, impact and legacy of external involvement in the making, unmaking and remaking of political entities on the Horn? How much have elites of the region contributed to elucidate or obfuscate historical truth with the Eritrean problem?

Is it possible to stem the gushing tide of lies, of tribal hatred, of arrogance and of violence in the region? Where do we go from here and what lies ahead for Ethiopia-Eritrea after so many decades of sibling internecine bloodletting and wanton destruction? Can we come up with scenarios of reasonable, just, tenable and mutually acceptable alternatives for the near and distant just, peaceful and prosperous future for the Ethiopia-Eritrea region?

Sadly, the youth of today are fated to inherit Messay hall sordid past, cope with its tragic consequences at present and negotiate their way to the future.

Such writers are predisposed to monitor and record for posterity critical actions behind the scenes if they so wish. And, it is an added bonus to the mix when such writers also have access to hitherto unpublished source materials in the form of manuscripts, memoirs or via interviews with important actors in the evolution and deterioration of the Eritrean problem in the past sixty years.

The book under review herein, The Eritrean Affair 1, is the product of the salutary circumstances just described.

Messay hall

Its publication at this juncture of the history of the region gives occasion for all concerned to reflect on the past and ponder on extant traces of truth that have been pummeled and buried for decades by the instruments of war, and drowned by the propaganda barrage of partisans and interlopers.

It is apropos at this point to take a brief stock of the state of writings on the Eritrean problem over the past decades to place our review in proper context. Much has been committed to paper and bound or stapled together on the Eritrean problem within the temporal scope of our review.

Books on the Eritrean problem are basically of three categories. Again, looking at the question of publications from another perspective, we find that virtually all books on the Eritrean problem have been produced by people of Eritrean extraction and by expatriates.

An armful of books by writers of Eritrean extraction as well as by some foreigners, deal with the subject at hand more objectively and help the reader to attain balanced knowledge on aspects of the Eritrean problem.

Among such books, one can cite, for example, the works of Dr. The Federal Experience ; Tesfatsion M. The Dynamics of a National Question ; J. Pankhurst, Ethiopia and Eritrea: The Last Phase of the Reunion Struggle, Incredible as it may be, up to now there is practically no book on the Eritrean problem by Ethiopians, be it of the tendentious or of the objective variety2.

To answer that question we begin with a brief scan on the background and credentials of the author. Such skills include, trained observation, taking and organizing notes, communicative writing, investigative research and personal diplomacy.

And he must have saved his notes.

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Messay hall

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In Search of the Historical DNA of the Eritrean Problem