Nautical paper

Although Rule 9 applies in all conditions of visibility, it applies only on certain waters and to certain vessels. Rule 9 is also the first to contain significant differences between the International and Inland versions. Two terms are used throughout the Rule that are not defined. They are "narrow channel" namesake of the Rule and " narrow fairway.

Nautical paper

Centennia Atlas Longitude by Lunars "Lunar Distances" or lunars for short were used to determine longitude at sea in the period from about until and rarely after that date. This was a time when chronometers were not yet widely available at a reasonable price and were considered unreliable on long voyages.

The principle behind lunars Nautical paper simple.

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The Moon in the sky is the hour hand of a great clock. The stars along its path are the numbers on the face of the clock. If we can measure the Moon's position relative to the stars, we can read the time from the clock. Comparing that absolute time with local time, usually determined by a time sight, we have our longitude.

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A one hour difference in time corresponds to a 15 degree difference in longitude. Predicted Lunars Traditionally, lunar distances could be used for navigation only if a navigator had access to predicted distances. These were published in almanacs around the world from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries.

Today the predicted distances are no longer published, but they can be calculated without much difficulty. The predictions generated by this web site are extremely accurate. They are the most accurate available today.

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The time period covered is to so the predictions here can be used for modern lunars or for analysis of historical lunar observations. Clear a Lunar This web-based app will analyze a lunar observation and generate your longitude in a fraction of a second.

Historically, the analysis of lunars required about twenty minutes of work and a table of logarithms. Even if you decide to work a lunar by hand with pencil and paper, this online calculator will allow you to check your results.

Originally developed and made available online in the summer ofthis app has been field-tested by myself and other navigation enthusiasts thousands of times. Its results are accurate to approximately one second of arc. Online Nautical Almanac A complete source for Nautical Almanac ephemeris data covering the period to The positions of the Sun, Moon, navigational planets and stars are generated for every hour of the day at a high level of accuracy just as in the published almanacs.

This online app permits customization of display options so that data are generated that are relevant for your location and interests. Easy Lunars An account of a simple technique for analyzing lunars using nothing more than the basic corrections and data in the Nautical Almanac and a handheld calculator.

Nautical paper

Lunars are not difficult. They take a little practice, and you may have to re-familiarize yourself with the use of a calculator, but any navigator can enjoy the challenge and experience of this historical method of navigation.Red Paper Lantern Garland Decoration.

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Rule 9 -- Narrow Channels

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Nautical paper

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ft. With Rule 9, the Rules become more specific. Although Rule 9 applies in all conditions of visibility, it applies only on certain waters and to certain vessels. Bluewater Books & Charts has the largest selection of nautical navigation supplies including Cruising Guides, Electronic & Paper Electronic Charts & Paper Charts cover all of the world's oceans & cruising ground.

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AMEE & Co. is a marine surveying company based in Hong Kong who carry out magnetic compass adjustments on vessels of all types and sizes. Principal Surveyor John Hall holds an unlimited marine compass adjuster's licence and has adjusted compasses on many hundreds of seagoing ships and boats of all types and sizes.

He has installed new compasses on offshore & cargo vessels, fishing trawlers.

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