Observation in a courtroom trial

As Akihito refuses to admit any wrongdoing, the girls present evidence depicting him staring into a glasses store for hours, taking pictures of Mirai's glasses and buying pictures of girls wearing glasses from Ayaka. Finding him guilty, Ai sentences Akihito to witness the destruction of Mirai's glasses. However Mitsuki, Mirai and Sakura remain initially hesitant in sentencing Shizuku out of pity for her failure to grow up. After Ai teases Shizuku's teenage-looking hairstyle the girls then present their evidence depicting Shizuku taking teenage compliments seriously and also struggling to maintain an unnaturally perfect posture despite her age.

Observation in a courtroom trial

Scarsella Trial — Part Three: During his second visit he brought three friends with him, they got into an altercation and Allen shot five unarmed protesters. Allen was arrested by police the next day—he has been in protective custody in jail ever since—and pled self-defense during his trial.

Read Scarsella Trial — Part One: Read Scarsella Trial — Part Two: The case hinged on documenting their intolerant subculture as a motive for the armed attack, namely speaking and posting about white-supremacist ideals through memes and terminology not recognized by the larger majority of the populace.

Allen Scarsella PDF who turned 25 years old on February 25th, was found guilty on all twelve felonies levied against him on February 1st, His charges include, one count of first-degree assaultone count of second-degree riot while armedand five counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon — causing substantial bodily harmas well as, five more counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon note: Police officers and a doctor dominated the second and third days since the swearing-in of the jury and opening statements.

Here is our detailed report of the witness testimony. This hypothesis was said in the opening statements by the prosecuting attorney Judith Hawley and objected by the defense and spoken about by the judge before opening the witnesses testimonies up.

Teven suffered the most serious injury, that of a gunshot to the abdomen. Jenny Bunkers, a night supervisor for the City of Minneapolis Crime Lab unit, was called as a witness after morning break on January 19th.

She collected and inventoried the items and the other three crime lab specialists took photos and surveyed the area.

Observation in a courtroom trial

Bunkers talked a bit about the scene that she witnessed when arriving to 14th Ave. She said there was a large amount of police personnel and some civilians on the perimeter, and stated that two victims were transported by EMS to the hospital and three left the scene to get to the hospital in a car.

Dozens of pictures were then presented to the court as evidence. They were shown on a large screen that was at the back of the courtroom in between the witness stand and the jury box.

Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Judith Hawley had Bunkers describe the location of the evidence that the police retrieved on the night of November 23th, Bunkers pointed to markers in the photo that were about twenty to thirty feet north of the beginning of the east side of the block of Morgan Avenue.

She said that those yellow markers were where they found eight discharged cartridge casings. Blood and a cigarette which Draper Larkins was smoking was found about ten feet south and close to the sidewalk on the east side of Morgan Ave. Yellow markers close to the tree in front of Morgan Ave.

The lone yellow marker closer to the corner is blood of a victim. She spoke of finding a bullet hole in the back of a red Mercury Cougar, which was shown in Exhibits 10 and The Cougar was parked near the end of the block of Morgan on the east side of the block.

A half block south of the bullet casings was a glove, some blood, and three jackets. After a lunch break, Sergeant John Sheneman took the stand. Another police officer, Bowen Barnard of the 5th Precinct, was next.

He was on special assignment to the 4th Precinct when he was the first to respond to the shooting on Morgan and 14th. Barnard ended up giving medical help to shooting victims Wesley Martin and Teven King the latter whom he rode to the hospital with.


He stated that when he arrived, he parked his squad car in the middle of Morgan Avenue halfway down the block from the block. During cross examination, the defense was keying in on where Barnard had to park his car when he initially arrived at the scene. Barnard stated that as he pulled up to the scene and parked near Morgan Ave.

He was partnered with Sgt.

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Nicholas Rowe that night and was at 32nd and Dupont Ave. North when they received the call of shots fired. Fry was the incident commander and that he helped stabilize the shooting scene and move people back.

York said that a few minutes after arriving, citizens helped secure the crime scene, and he sent officers to canvas both sides of Morgan Avenue. During the cross-examination of Sgt. York, the defense keyed in on what the situation was like for the officers when they arrived at the scene and the role of the citizens that were present.

He stated that there was some pushing and shoving but he saw no punches thrown between citizens.Darlie Lynn Routier (born January 4, ) is an American woman from Rowlett, Texas, who was convicted of murdering her young son Damon, and is currently on death row awaiting execution by lethal injection.

Two of her three children, Damon and Devon, were . Courtroom A Year Behind the Scenes in an American Criminal Courthouse [Steve Bogira] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Courtroom is the fascinating story of one year in Chicago's Cook County Criminal Courthouse.

Basics of Trial Observation Purpose Trial observation work has two primary purposes: 1.) to help ensure that a defendant receives proper due process of law and that States respect the defendant’s fair trial rights; 2.) to report on the trial or judicial hearing in order to determine if further action is necessary.

Inside the courtroom, there was a picture of the Boblo Boat, a painting of deer and a fan on the walls, along with the seal of the County of Wayne behind the judge.

During the trial, the defendant faced the judge the whole time and answered every question with “yes sir”. We will write a custom essay sample on Court Observation Paper. The St.

Valentine's day massacre set forth in motion the Government's urgent task in bringing the criminal element down. Specifically Al Capone, for he was the ultimate symbol of corruption at that time. COURTROOM OBSERVATION PROCESS There are times when the courtroom capacity may limit observation by members of the public.

regarding the case, or discuss any other matter related to the trial. 4. If asked to leave the courtroom by the judge, bailiff, courtroom clerk, or court.

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