Pull up and punch bag hook

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Pull up and punch bag hook

If you want serious speed and knockout power to your punches, read this ASAP! Many fighters have never been taught how to throw snapping punches.

The BEGINNER’S Guide to Boxing

I learned by getting my ass kicked all the time by better boxers. It took me a while before I realized that their punching techniques were different from mine.

It was quite a discovery to realize there was more to punching than just jab-cross-hook-uppercut! It also leaves them more open to counter-punches and limits their overall boxing ability.

Every time I push-punched a better boxer, he simply parried my punch and sent my body flying off-balance. Learning how to throw snapping punches will allow you to put together faster punch combinations and minimize risks of getting countered.

Snapping punches will allow you to be more energy efficient while increasing the damage inflicted on your opponents. Martial artists generally believe a pushing punch to be a strike comparable to a bullet.

The force of the punch is expected to go beyond the surface maximizing damage to everything in its path. What is a Snapping Punch A snapping punch is a quickly thrown punch that aims to minimize the contact time with the target. Disadvantages to Pushing Punches In most boxing situations, the pushing punch is an overcommitment.

Boxing is not a brick-breaking contest. Some fighting experts will argue that pushing punches increase the likelihood of knockouts but I disagree.

Applying 4 times the effort required to knockout your opponent is like trying to fill an empty cup with a gallon of water. Why should I put myself at defensive risk by over-committing to one punch? I will only be wasting energy and making myself more vulnerable to getting counter-punched if I miss.

I do believe that push punches have one area of advantage which is throwing to the body. However, a push punch to the body can definitely be shoved in further and bruise the internal organs.

Advantages to Snapping Punches The snapping punch has devastating power. A snapping punch carries more speed increasing the chances of success and at the same time retracts quicker securing your defenses and allowing you to punch again much sooner.

The snapping punch is not a slap.

Pull up and punch bag hook

The snapping punch preserves your defense because your hand returns home after each punch instead of being delayed and pushed against the opponent like in a pushing punch.

If you were to miss a pushing punch, you would definitely be vulnerable. So ultimately, the snapping punch will allow you to inflict great damage but still retain your defense. You should view the snapping punch as a method of transferring energy from your relaxed body, through your arms, dispersing the force at the fist upon impact, and then returned the fists home relaxed leaving the impact energy with your opponent.Learn how to throw a snap punch.

If you want serious speed and knockout power to your punches, read this ASAP! Many fighters have never been taught how to throw snapping punches. Technique 3: Set up over the bar, then rock your hips back into position. Step 1: Approach the bar, and set your feet.

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Muscle Pain. Sore muscles are to be expected after any resistance workout like a session on the heavy bag. It's part of the workout experience and can be mitigated .

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