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These strengths not only help it to protect the market share in existing markets but also help in penetrating new markets. Based on Fern Fort University extensive research — some of the strengths of Groupon are — Highly skilled workforce through successful training and learning programs. Groupon is investing huge resources in training and development of its employees resulting in a workforce that is not only highly skilled but also motivated to achieve more. Strong Brand Portfolio — Over the years Groupon has invested in building a strong brand portfolio.

Swot groupon

Internet users who like shopping and discounts Positioning To connect local commerce, increasing consumer buying power while driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery SWOT Analysis Strengths 1.

Nearly 50 million active customers with strong revenues 4.

Swot groupon

Diversification into new markets with strategic entry into e-commerce 5. Focus on local, primarily small merchants 6. Getting users a taste of the luxurious goods at an affordable price 7.

Over 10, employees are with the company Weaknesses 1. High competition from other players means lesser margins 2. Lack of customer loyalty due to many customers being one time users for the deals Opportunities 1.

Market penetration of mobile apps has increased, Groupon can leverage this market with its app 2. Better targeting of deals — personalization, to attract newer customers 3.

Relationship building with existing partners for long term and return business Threats 1.

Steps to Improving EBIT

Due to non-personalization of deals, it threatens the ecosystem of the complete business model 3. Anti-competitive investigations aimed to curb deep discounted deals Competition.The Parable of the Lost Sheep: Mt.

Swot groupon

1: Then drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners for to hear him. 2: And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, . Groupon, Inc. (“Groupon”) is a company that specializes in local commerce.

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It has relationships with companies on a global scale and alerts consumers on the hottest deals with respect to shopping for various products, travel destinations, and popular spots, goods and services that a city has to offer.

Alibaba group owns one of the largest Business to business E-commerce portal in the world. Here is the Marketing mix of Alibaba group and initiativeblog.com is also one company which was responsible in a large way to bring China at the forefront of world initiativeblog.coma is .

Following is the detailed SWOT analysis of the Groupon: Strengths• Groupon is a well-renowned international brand that operates in more than 40 nations. • In the daily deals industry, it has a first mover advantage. An APMG-, PeopleCert- and APM-accredited training organisation, SPOCE offers a range of project, programme, risk and service management training courses carried out with the use of online distance learning, blended learning, classroom training and virtual delivery methods, made possible by a network of accredited trainers.

Groupon SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis - WikiWealth They will increase the value of our business and help us get a higher sale price if we sell. Of course, s strong EBIT remains important even if you do not currently intend to sell.
Downloading prezi... However, discounting products for members is expensive and it is difficult to exit such a program once it is launched. An example of a successful discount program is Canada's oldest, best known, best loved reward program - Canadian Tire Money - often suggested as a replacement for the nation's weak currency.

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