The creation of conflict due to the influencees of religion

Share via Email A Jewish man prays outside the synagogue at which four Israelis were killed. Although armed with a pistol, the two murderers chose to use meat cleavers for their bloody work — Isis-style.

The creation of conflict due to the influencees of religion

Nietzsche scholars for Collaboration Building a new article on wikipedia and I am looking to collaborate with a Nietzsche scholar. The focus is specifically geared towards unravelling N.

I have to be extremely judicious conservative in my attribution of themes to Nietzsche, so I'd like to have someone more tapped into the peer-reviewed, manistream consensus of standard Nietzsche scholarship to mediate and provide guidance to the claims I am about to make.

Influenced In the influenced section of the info box, do only other philosophers belong there? Or does anyone he influenced belong there? Because I know musican Marilyn Manson's lyrics has influenced by his philosophy.

So I was wondering if only philosophers belong there. But it is arguable that Manson is a philosopher. The current policy by consensus for this article is that only philosophers are to be in the "Influenced" category of the infobox.

Nietzsche is a major figure and has influenced the work of many well-known people, both in academia and pop culture. While Manson may be one of them, he would not meet the definition of philosopher we currently use for this article. Why on earth would we limit a list of Nietzsche's influences to a single discipline?

I can't think of a single valid reason to do so, and can think of many reasons why such a limitation is pointless and unworkable.

For starters, Nietzsche was not a typical philosophy professor. He took pride that he had been trained as a philologist and had thereby avoided the prejudices of the philosophers. And his influence has been at least as great on literary figures. We already have Alfred Adler and Freud listed who were psychologists, not philosophers.

The Pentagram and the Hammer

If we are going to go with this absurd departmental policy, maybe we should remove all of the literary figures who influenced Nietzsche. Perhaps we need to find some sources that back it up and not categorize him under atheists but rather as agnostic?

UNDUE militates against including every point of view in cases of fringe or incompetent theories. I think that an entire peer-reviewed article devoted to nothing other than the claim that Nietzsche was not an atheist that was in turn discussed in other peer reviewed articles would be necessary in this case—passing remarks or articles that are ignored won't do.

RJC Talk Contribs Furthermore, his use of atheist is quite different from our modern use. There are many works that say he created his own new religion based on the removal of polar attributes. Until the early 20th century, atheist was simply used to describe someone against the -dominant- religion.

Now it is used to describe someone against -all- religion. Ottava Rima talk RS has no problem using primary sources as evidence for a their author's opinion. RS Statements of opinion. While they can be reliable in many situations, they must be used with caution in order to avoid original research.

I am too inquisitive, too questionable, too exuberant to stand for any gross answer. God is a gross answer, an indelicacy against us thinkers—at bottom merely a gross prohibition for us: He took away from me the best atheistical joke that precisely I might have made: In BGE 53, he asks "Why atheism today.

In any event, this is all very academic. Where are the peer-reviewed pieces that argue that Nietzsche was not an atheist?

And has anyone taken them seriously? And that the above are not his actual words but a translator's interpretation?A review of sociological theories on the causes of poverty. This report discusses contested concepts that relate to how we might understand poverty from a sociological/social theory perspective.

The creation of conflict due to the influencees of religion

There is a long history of professional and public concern with the problems of recognizing and reporting child abuse. The research reported here compares recognition of and response to potential abuse by physicians in Northern Ireland and the United States.

The Guardian - Back to home. The Israel-Palestine conflict is not just about land. It’s a bitter religious war contributed to this view of the conflict. But religion was always a. Worldwide influence of the universal declaration of human rights and the international bill of rights International covenant on civil and political rights.

Relationship between religion and science Philosopher and physicist Victor J. Stenger's view is that science and religion are incompatible due to conflicts between approaches of knowing and the availability of alternative plausible and Indian scientists (18%) perceived conflict between religion and science.

According to Renny Thomas. Personal Religious Beliefs and Science When thinking about their own religious beliefs, however, only a minority of adults perceive a conflict between science and their religious views.

Three-in-ten (30%) Americans say their own religious beliefs conflict with science, while 68% say the two do not conflict.

Americans' Perception of Conflict Between Science and Religion