The issue of surveillance and policing in the black neighborhoods of philadelphia and its effects on

Next By Kiera Patton In the summertime, do you worry about police stopping you when you go out for the evening? Many people of color in Philadelphia have experienced racial profiling, when police make racist assumptions and target Black and Brown people, especially those who are young. The software comes up with these predictions using data, such as statistics on how many arrests are made in a certain neighborhood.

The issue of surveillance and policing in the black neighborhoods of philadelphia and its effects on

New York City draft riots The New York City draft riots in July [11] were violent disturbances in New York City that were the culmination of working-class discontent with new laws passed by Congress that year to draft men to fight in the ongoing American Civil War.

The riots remain the largest civil insurrection in American history with fatalities aside from the Civil War itself. At least 11 black people are estimated to have been killed. The conditions in the city were such that Major General John E. Woolcommander of the Department of the Eaststated on July 16 that, " Martial law ought to be proclaimed, but I have not a sufficient force to enforce it.

The issue of surveillance and policing in the black neighborhoods of philadelphia and its effects on

In the resulting police action, 63 citizens, mostly Irish, were killed. Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article.

July s—s[ edit ] April 14, — The dismembered and mutilated body of Benedetto Madonia, who had last been seen the day before eating with several high-ranking figures in the Morello crime familythe city's first dominant Mafia organization, is found in an East Village barrel, the most notorious of that era's Barrel Murders.

After the NYPD arrested several members of the family tied to a local counterfeiting ring. McCluskyhoping to compel their cooperation through public humiliationhad officers walk them through the streets of Little Italy in handcuffs to police headquarters, a forerunner of the perp walk that has since become a common practice in the city.

It backfired, as the men were hailed as heroes by the Italian immigrant community they were paraded past. Charges against all defendants were later dropped for lack of evidence, and the killing remains unsolved. The murder would soon be dubbed "The Crime of the Century".

June 19, — The strangled body of Elsie Sigelgranddaughter of Civil War Union general Franz Sigel19, is found in a trunk in the Chinatown apartment of Leon Ling, a waiter at a Chinese restaurant, ten days after she was last seen leaving her parents' apartment to visit her grandmother.

Evidence found in the apartment established that Ling and Sigel had been romantically involved, and he was suspected of the killing but never arrested. No other suspects have ever been identified.

He eventually dies in September from a heart attack. July 4, — Lexington Avenue explosion: Four are killed and dozens injured when dynamite, believed to have been accumulated by anarchists for an attempt to blow up John D.

Rockefeller 's Tarrytown mansiongoes off prematurely in a seven-story apartment building at Lexington Avenue. Despite intense media interest, the crime was never solved one confession to police was dismissed because the man who made it was of dubious sanity.

The case inspired the development of the locked-room murder subgenre of detective fictionwhen Ellery Queen realized that the intense public fascination with the case indicated that there was a market for fictional takes on the story.

September 16, — The Wall Street bombing kills 38 at "the precise center, geographical as well as metaphorical, of financial America and even of the financial world.

November 6, — Jewish gangster Arnold Rothstein46, an avid gambler best remembered for his alleged role fixing the World Seriesdied of gunshot wounds inflicted the day before during a Manhattan business meeting.

He refused to identify his killer to police. A fellow gambler who was believed to have ordered the hit as retaliation for Rothstein's failure to pay a large debt from a recent poker game Rothstein in turn claimed it had been fixed was tried and acquitted.

No other suspects have ever emerged. He was last seen entering a New York City taxicab. Crater was declared legally dead in His mistress Sally Lou Ritz 22 disappeared a few weeks later.

December 24, — Leon Tourian53, primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in America, is stabbed to death by several armed men while performing Christmas Eve services.

All were arrested and convicted the following summer. The killing was motivated by political divisions within the church; the ensuing schism persists. March 19, — The arrest of a shoplifter inflames racial tensions in Harlem and escalates to rioting and lootingwith three killed, injured and arrested.

Sculptor Robert George Irwinwho left a telltale soap sculpture at the scene, was eventually arrested after a nationwide manhunt fed by widespread media coverage of the case, said to be the most intense since the Stanford White murder, which capitalized by Gedeon's risque professional work.

After doubts about his sanity surfaced during trial, he was sentenced to life in prison. November 16, — "Mad Bomber" George Metesky plants the first bomb of his year campaign of public bombings.

January 11, — Carlo Trescaan Italian American labor leader who led opposition to FascismStalinism and Mafia control of unions, was shot dead at a Manhattan intersection during the night.

Given the enemies he had made and their propensity for violence, the list of potential suspects was long; however, the investigation was incomplete and no one was ever officially named.

The issue of surveillance and policing in the black neighborhoods of philadelphia and its effects on

Historians believe the mostly likely suspect was mobster Carmine Galantelater acting boss of the Bonanno familyseen fleeing the scene, who had likely acted on the orders of a Bonanno underboss and Fascist sympathizer Tresca had threatened to expose. The incident touches off a simmering brew of racial tension, unemployment, and high prices to a day of rioting and looting.

Several looters are shot dead, about people are injured, and another arrested. March 8, — A month after helping police find bank robber Willie Suttonyear-old clothing salesman Arnold Schuster is fatally shot outside his Brooklyn home.

An extensive investigation failed to identify any suspects, though police came to believe that either the Gambino crime family or Sutton's associates had ordered Schuster killed.African-American neighborhoods or black neighborhoods are types of ethnic enclaves found in many cities in the United States.

Generally, an African American neighborhood is one where the majority of the people who live there are African American. One impetus for the upcoming Prop B is a scandal: the political data mining firm Cambridge Analytica exploited the personal information of millions of Facebook users to target ads for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. The Four Problems With Public Video Surveillance. Video cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV), are becoming a more and more widespread feature of American life.

Fears of terrorism and the availability of ever-cheaper cameras have accelerated the trend even more. The Issue of Surveillance and Policing in the Black Neighborhoods of Philadelphia and Its Effects on Daily Lives of Civilians.

Watch video · Demographic forces were in part to blame for the situation. After World War II, black migration out of the South accelerated — between and , roughly 5 million black S outherners moved to cities in the North and West.

Places like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Harlem grew into major black metropolises.

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