Tpsp oral presentationresearch essay

Share this on LinkedIn Oral Presentations An oral presentation is more than just reading a paper or set of slides to an audience. How you deliver your presentation is at least as important in effectively communicating your message as what you say.

Tpsp oral presentationresearch essay

Bibliography Preparing for Your Oral Presentation In some classes, writing the research paper is only part of what is required. Your professor may also require you to give an oral presentation about your study.


Here are some things to think about before you are scheduled to give a presentation. What should I say? If your professor hasn't explicitly stated what your presentation should focus on, think about what you want to achieve and what you consider to be the most important things that members of the audience should know about your study.

Think about the following: Do I want to inform my audience, inspire them to think about my research, or convince them of a particular point of view?

These questions will help frame how you want to approach your presentation topic. Oral communication is different from written communication Your audience has just one chance to hear your talk; they can't "re-read" your words if they get confused.

Focus on being clear, particularly if the audience can't ask questions during the talk. There are two well-known ways to communicate your points effectively.

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The first is the K. Focus your presentation on getting one to three key points across. Second, repeat key insights: Think about your audience Yes, you want to demonstrate to your professor that you have conducted a good study.

But professors often ask students to give an oral presentation to practice the art of communicating and to learn to speak clearly and audibly about yourself and your research. Questions to think about include: What background knowledge do they have about my topic?

Does the audience have any particular interests?


How am I going to involve them in my presentation? Create effective notes If you don't have notes to refer to as you speak, you run the risk of forgetting to highlight something important. Also, having no notes increases the chance you'll lose your train of thought and begin relying on reading from the presentation slides.

Think about the best ways to create notes that can be easily referred to as you speak. Nothing is more distracting to an audience than the speaker fumbling around with his or her notes as they try to speak.

It gives the impression of being disorganized and unprepared. A good general strategy is to have a page of notes for each slide so that the act of referring to a new page helps remind you to move to a new slide.In some classes, writing the research paper is only part of what is required.

Your professor may also require you to give an oral presentation about your study. The Content - The content of your presentation should have a logical flow, much like your research paper which has an introduction, body and conclusion. Your subject matter is best conveyed through a clear, concise presentation.

A presentation is much like an essay in structure: Introduction - an overview of the issue and the main ideas to be considered. Body - the main ideas, reasoning, evidence and explanation provided.

My TPSP project is on Animal Abuse. I feel strongly about the subject, and animal rights.

Tpsp oral presentationresearch essay

I may not be a “tree-hugger” or a all-for-it vegan, but I think animals deserve more respect than they currently receive. Align Projects to the TEKS. TPSP gives teachers guidelines for student research activities from kindergarten through high school.

These projects, called “tasks,” provide students with opportunities for inquiry across multiple content areas. Essay about japanese and china questions learning about creative writing major requirements research paper all about abortion guidelines, essay on e commerce uae finance research paper topics racism count word in essay gedit her film essay topics.

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