Unicef photo essay

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Unicef photo essay

Children are most affected, as evidenced by a high number of severe acute malnutrition SAM cases.

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Since Bogalech has three more children at home, she says feeding the twins has not been easy. She gets help from her older children when they return from school, such as Caleb, 12, pictured here holding one of the twins. Her husband is unemployed with an additional two children from another wife, his earnings from a small plot of farm land are not enough to provide for them.

The health extension workers HEWs of Morancho Kutela health post have arranged for Bogalech to receive targeted supplementary food multiple times since the twins were born. After a few days of antibiotics and therapeutic milk treatment, he was referred to the health post for OTP to continue his treatment as an outpatient.

Since she is nursing them and providing additional food in her home, she hopes they will grow strong and healthy. Their middle-upper arm circumference MUAC and weight is measured every week until they reach their target weight for discharge.


His MUAC was Bogalech dreams of starting an avocado and corn flour business in the market to support herself and her children.The Convention on the Rights of the Child celebrates childhood and codifies in international law the rights due every child.

ONLY the . UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand . In UNICEF will work to reach Syrian refugee children through e-learning.

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Above, eight-year-old Isra takes notes in class at a school in Erbil. She missed more than a year of school when her. UNICEF AFGHANISTAN promotes the rights of children and women throughout Afghanistan and works to bring basic services to those who are most in need.

Feb 26 PHOTO ESSAY: The show goes on.

Unicef photo essay

Photo credit: UNICEF Uganda/ Michele Sibiloni Photo credit: UNICEF Uganda/ Michele Sibiloni MobiStation – often referred to as a digital ‘school in a box’ – is a multimedia tool that supports education in and out of schools to improve access to quality education. Photo Essay jpg Working closely with local governments, UN agencies and NGO partners, UNICEF is on the ground and has already deployed additional staff and humanitarian supplies, including water purification tablets, tents and tarpaulin, school bags, early childhood development kits, school-in-a-box kits and teaching supplies, as well as.

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