Wilderness area essay

As we become a more urbanized society with growing needs for space and energy, we often turn to wilderness as a resource. Yet, wilderness is not just a resource to be developed. It has many human, natural and economic benefits that we need to protect. Wilderness belongs to you Guess who owns million acres of American wildlands?

Wilderness area essay

Wilderness is the land that was - wild land beyond the frontier Wilderness is the land that is - rare, wild places where one can retreat from civilization, reconnect with the Earth, and find healing, meaning and significance. Wilderness is an indispensable part of American history, however, people have held various perspectives of wilderness throughout time.

Historical events and articles, pamphlets, stories and books authored about wilderness and the environment tell us a story of Wilderness area essay perceptions.

During European settlement of America, wilderness was something to be feared. One settler in the early s stated, "Wilderness is a dark and dismal place where all manner of wild beasts dash about uncooked.

In contrast to this utilitarian ideal, three centuries later, an American author stated, "[wilderness] is the ultimate source of health-terrestrial and human.

Johnson on September 3, The United States was the first country in the world to define and designate wilderness areas through law. Subsequently, countries around the world have protected areas modeled after the Wilderness Act. That year, in a nearly unanimous vote, Congress enacted landmark legislation that permanently protected some of the most natural and undisturbed places in America.

The Wilderness Act is one of the most successful U. The Act describes wilderness as follows: Freedom is an essential quality of wilderness and this quality was eloquently captured by Howard Zahniser, author of the Wilderness Act, in selection of the relatively obscure word "untrammeled" to define wilderness.

Many people read the word "untrammeled" as "untrampled," as in not stepped on. Yet the word "untrammeled" means something much different.

A "trammel" is a net used for catching fish, or a device used to keep horses from walking. To trammel something is to catch, shackle or restrain it. Untrammeled means something is free or unrestrained.

So, wilderness areas are to be unconstrained by humans. Zahniser defined "untrammeled" in the Wilderness Act as "not being subject to human controls and manipulations that hamper the free play of natural forces.


Other Laws Affecting Wilderness Although the Wilderness Act is the single piece of guiding legislation for all wilderness areas, many other laws affect wilderness.

Some laws have designated additional wilderness areas, subsequent to the initial 54 areas designated under the Wilderness Act.

Wilderness area essay

The Wilderness Act created the National Wilderness Preservation System, the system that collectively unites all individual wilderness areas. This system encompasses a wide variety of ecosystems throughout the country including swamps in the Southeast, tundra in Alaska, snowcapped peaks in the Rocky Mountains, hardwoods forests in the Northeast, and deserts in the Southwest.

Wilderness Truths and Misconceptions Unfortunately, many misconceptions exist about wilderness. Some people think that wilderness is a "lock-up" of land that locks people out.

Others think many popular recreational activities are prohibited in wilderness. Some people believe that wilderness is a forested backyard or a park down the street.Essay on Surviving in the Wilderness.

SURVIVING IN THE WILDERNESS The risk taken when adventuring in the wilderness can be a fatal one if one is unprepared and .

Essay on Why Wilderness Rehabilitation Is a Successful Means of Therapy According to Foster quoted by Russell in an Open Sky research “Even in an age of managed care the data seem[s] to indicate a trend towards ever-increasing numbers of out-of-home placements for adolescents” (Open Sky).

September 5, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp Hiking means the venture of going long distances in the country or wilderness especially on foot for knowledge, pleasure, and exercises.

Managing Conflict in Wilderness Areas Essay. There are many pressures to keep the pristine environments of wilderness areas - Managing Conflict in Wilderness Areas Essay introduction. But when opposing groups have different ideas about the way to use these areas, much conflict is caused.

Essay on Civilize The Wilderness - Civilize the Wilderness Wilderness, why civilize it. This is an interesting question, and one that is hard to answer. Wilderness Area. Essay by mariatorres, University, Master's, A+, July download word file, 20 pages download word file, 20 pages 17 votes/5(17).

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