Withered arm essay

The ghost of a living person appears once in the form of a vision.

Withered arm essay

Thomas Hardy, the author, creates various atmospheres and settings by using a number of very effective techniques and also, by his general use of language.

Hardy focuses chiefly on imagery, in particular the use of light and dark to create an atmosphere for different settings. For example, when Roda and her son are in their cottage. It is also a technique used in the same way in art and Hardy uses it very effectively to create various atmospheres.

I think that he uses this technique because it gives a supernatural feeling to the setting. Another technique that Hardy uses to create an atmosphere is his use of Withered arm essay and noises.

An example of this is the way he Withered arm essay Gertrude. It goes on to say: But I think that Hardy has chose these particular noises and other words, not only to describe what Gertrude is wearing, but also to let the reader know more about her personality.

He uses certain vocabulary such as: These are all very erotic words that are delicately disguised within the description of Gertrude, and only by reading the passage would you notice what Hardy is trying to say. He creates a very supernatural, dark, eerie atmosphere by using words such as: This appears when he describes the setting of the road from Anglebury to Holmestoke.

The mother of his son is Roda, but farmer Lodge disowned his son and Roda, and sent them to live in a lonely spot in the countryside in poverty. Hardy uses all positive words to describe how farmer Lodge is travelling down the road. He focuses again on colours, and also the senses, to create the setting when describing farmer Lodge: Hardy also describes the gig that the farmer is on in this way too: This is because by using lemon he adds the taste and the smell, as well as the colour, to the atmosphere.

Hardy shows this by saying: Hardy also links him to being a criminal. He describes him as: This was an offence and in Victorian times, when the story is set, this theft would get the death penalty. I think that Hardy is trying to show the class difference, still present in Victorian England, between the farmer an upper-class man with no worries, and the working-class boy with the bundle upon his back.

The light and dark also comes up again is the description of their lives, as a metaphor for the rich and the poor, the good and the evil. This is why farmer Lodge has lots of bright colours surrounding him and the boy has dark colours associated with him.

Hardy also uses dialogue to create a natural, normal setting in some areas and he also creates a curious, angry setting in others. The attitudes of the characters and what they say add to the atmosphere that Hardy wishes to create.

For example, at the very beginning the story, in the Barton, it is the dialogue that creates the real setting: He uses dialect words, which are words adapted from a language, such as: Egdonheath is the place with the most effective supernatural atmosphere.

This is because this is where Conjuror Trendle lives and he is the person with supernatural heeling powers. Classical illusion is when you take a mythical story or character and relate it to your piece of writing, giving a very distinct and precise atmosphere.

Hardy uses this technique to describe Egdonheath as the place where King Lear suffered so much torture and torment: He uses very dark, depressing words such as: Hardy also uses personification again as a technique to create a more supernatural atmosphere, this is when he describes the wind as: The cottage is on top of the jail that, on its own, creates an ugly, death-like atmosphere.

Hardy describes it as: The actual cottage itself is very dark too, and the only form of light the hangman has is a candle, which symbolises life and the fact that there is enough light for him.

The cottage is described like a shed, with steps on the outside and no light. It all seems very lonely and eerie which is the setting that Hardy wishes to create. Overall, the surprising thing about how Hardy creates atmosphere and conveys setting, is how simply he does it.

Withered arm essay

Dialect, dialogue, of particular lexis, light and dark, metaphors and a few similes create the desired effect for all of his settings.Free withered arm papers, essays, and research papers.

Hardys own life was somewhat similar to the events that happened n “The Withered Arm” He was an outcast when it came to working in London, Just like Rhoda in the dairy. His mother was of higher class than his father, like Rhoda, Farmer Lodge and the boy.

The Withered Arm, which was written in the 19th Century, is partly set on a diary farm in the imaginary village of Holmstoke and town of Casterbridge in Wessex. We will write a custom essay sample on The Withered Arm Essay specifically for you.

In this essay I will write about what Thomas Hardy was trying to show through his characters in 'The Withered Arm'. The characters I will write about are Rhoda Brook, . The withered arm, a short story written by Thomas Hardy The Character of Delia in Hurston’s Sweat How Hardy and Steinbeck treat the theme of ‘outsiders’ in ‘The Withered Arm’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’.

Referring in detail to 2 short stories that you have read, explain what makes them examples of a ‘good short story’ The two stories I have chosen to examine in detail, in order to show that these are good examples of short stories are “The Withered Arm” and “The Superstitious Man’s Story.

Withered arm essay
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