Write and solve a division word problem

Let's look at an example of an algebra word problem. Algebra Word Problems Linda was selling tickets for the school play. She sold 10 more adult tickets than children tickets and she sold twice as many senior tickets as children tickets. Let x represent the number of children's tickets sold.

Write and solve a division word problem

Introduction 15 minutes You already know how to write and solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication stories. Today you will be learning to write and solve division stories!

Students should be able to produce answers that involve creating equal groups ie: Three teams are playing a game. There are two players on each team. How many players are there in all?

Well, number stories provide information and ask a question, which we have practiced doing all year. Now we will work on creating and solving division problems of our own. It is useful to create an anchor chart with the essential parts of a problem to provide a scaffold for struggling students to refer to.

The pieces of a problem that I introduced are: I wanted to see what they produced with limited restrictions. I write a student created problem on the board, and then I call on a student to help us identify if it has all of the parts we need to solve it.

Work with your partner to write a division story for this number sentence. Just remember that we have to share equally so nobody gets their feelings hurt when we divide! I pair students up quickly on the carpet so that they can get straight to work.

Division word problems

It is important here to give groups time to discuss so they can justify their ideas to one another MP6. I give students time to write their stories and when finished they raise their hands so that I can pair them with another group that is finished so that they can share their work. I need you to work with your partner to write a division story for the number sentence on your card, and we are going to try solving each others stories when we are finished.

Give groups a division card flash card or hand make them on index cards. I use flash cards because they are already made, but if students were struggling with division I would hand make cards with smaller numbers on index cards until they mastered the concept.

Students must determine which use of tools, including pencil and paper and concrete models, they might need in order to create and solve their problem MP5. Collect the stories and re-hand them out to groups. I want you and your partner to solve the division story you were given.It does not matter which equation or which variable you choose to solve for.

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Just keep it simple. Since the x in the first equation has a coefficient of 1, that would mean we would not have to divide by a number to solve for it and run the risk of having to work with fractions (YUCK!!). Students are asked to write multiplication word problems prompted by pictures and then to write both an addition and a multiplication expression that can be used to solve the problem.

Edit Article How to Solve for X. In this Article: Article Summary Using a Basic Linear Equation With Exponents Using Fractions Using Radical Signs Using Absolute Value Community Q&A There are a number of ways to solve for x, whether you're working with exponents and radicals or if you just have to do some division or multiplication.

Where Can You Find More Algebra Word Problems to Practice? Word problems are the most difficult type of problem to solve in math. So, where can you find quality word problems WITH a .

Fourth graders can strengthen their long division skills with this worksheet. Read each long division word problem carefully then write an equation to solve the problem and find the answer.

write and solve a division word problem

Write a number sentence for this problem _____ 8. Click and Clack decide to take a journey in their classic ’52 MG.

write and solve a division word problem

The whole journey is ½ miles long.

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