Writing a letter to persuade head teachers blog

Leave two or three blank lines after the salutation and type the gist of your letter in uppercase, either alighted left or centered. If you have added the Reference Line 3the Subject line may be redundant.

Writing a letter to persuade head teachers blog

This is why I suggest that you choose to ban the gadgets. Mobile phones introduce your students to a range of problems: Have you ever witnessed the cruel and brutal effects of cyber-bullying? I have, and I can assure you: I often see photographs and videos, taken and recorded on mobile phones at school, before getting posted onto popular social networking sites.

The results are devastating; students are mocked and made fun of by other students, carefully masked by the anonymous shield of hiding behind a monitor and keyboard. This unfortunately happened to one year 11 student, who would like to remain anonymous.

I still get people whispering about me in the hallways because of the video. I understand that you have no control over cyber-bullying outside of school.

Another consequence of mobile phones not being banned is that students are now texting during lessons. They will also blank the teacher and choose to continue texting their mates then listen to the biological theory of evolution.

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I fear that mobile use in lessons will severely affect academic performance. I understand that you may have reservations about introducing the ban, but I can assure you that the benefits will be outstanding. I hope you consider my idea and by doing so reduce the levels of bullying in the school and improve grades.September Remember the essays you had to write in high school?

Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion. The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby Dick was a Christ-like figure. Oy.

writing a letter to persuade head teachers blog

Dear T, Jesus Christ was a Jew aka the Son of God (The Heavenly Father) and the Jewish People (Gods People) murdered Jesus Christ (My Savior) and he is the Messiah and Lord for All Children of God who is in Heaven that declares that Jesus Christ is the way for Salvation (Amen) -Dusty Arnold.

But your teacher has a goal: to teach you what might be the single most useful skill in writing—to persuade effectively. I’ve already mentioned how you have been practicing the art of verbal persuasion since you learned to talk. Teacher Voice Blog; School Licenses; Grades; Preschool; Kindergarten; 1st Grade Ask students to show by nodding head yes or shaking head no if the letter writer convinced them to act on the concern.

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Letter Writes: Persuasive Opinion Writing. Lesson Plan. Letter Writes: Persuasive Opinion Writing. Students begin this letter-writing. Addendum to Baltimore Sounds As fate would have it, the day the final copy was submitted to the printer, I discovered more records that were not included in the new and improved updated version.

Teachers. Teachers Home Lessons and Ideas Books and Authors Top Teaching Blog Teacher's Tool Kit Student Activities Writing Persuasive Letters. Through a classroom "argument" activity and letter writing models, students are introduced to the concepts of lobbying for something that's important to them or they want and making .

writing a letter to persuade head teachers blog
How to Write a Letter to Your Teacher (with Sample Letters)